Job Description

  • RESPIRATORY THERAPY TECH – Use ventilators and various oxygen devices and aerosol and breathing treatments in the provision of respiratory therapy.
  • Work with patients in areas such as the emergency room, neonatal/pediatric intensive care, and surgical intensive care, treating conditions including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, and pneumonia.
  • Read and evaluate physicians’ orders and patients’ chart information to determine patients’ condition and treatment protocols.
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST – undertaking patient assessments of physical, communication, interaction and cognitive skills
  • Planning and providing appropriate treatment and activities
  • Giving advice and arranging support for family members, carers and clients
  • HOME HEALTH CARE NURSE – provide care to patients in their homes under the guidance of a physician. They perform regular visits where they monitor the patient’s condition, assess their wounds, and change dressings as required.
  • Write reports and communicate with the doctor after each visit.
  • Administering medication and insulin, and completing blood pressure, glucose, urine, and stool tests.
  • PRACTICAL NURSE – Plans and manages patient care according to each patient’s needs.
  • Obtains patient vital signs, including pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and respiration.
  • Accompanies patients to their rooms.
  • NURSING AIDE – help provide basic care for patients in hospitals and residents of long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes.
  • Clean and bathe patients or residents; Help patients use the toilet and dress.
  • Listen to and record patients health concerns and report that information to nurses

A minimum of 3 year(s) of working experience is required.
Candidates must be a Prof’l License(Passed Board/Bar/Prof’l License Exam) holder.
  • RESPIRATORY THERAPY TECH – BSc in Respiratory Therapy
  • Not less than 3 years experience as a Respiratory Technician in a large hospital with relevant experience with patients with the same diagnosis seen in acute care hospital or rehab facilities.
  • Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST – BS Occupational Therapy/Basic Life Support
  • Not less than 3 years experience as an Occupational Therapist in a large hospital with relevant experience with patients with the same diagnosis seen in acute care hospital or rehab facilities
  • Wide background in ICU, Acute Medical / Surgical
  • HOME HEALTH CARE NURSE – BS Nursing/Licensed Nurse
  • Not less than 3 years post graduate experience as a Staff Nurse with relevant experience of patients in a community setting
  • PRACTICAL NURSE – Not less than 1 year clinical experience
  • 18 months Practical Nursing program/Basic Life Support
  • NURSING AIDE – Minimum of 18 months post graduate experience within a secondary/tertiary facility
  • PRC Licensed/Basic Life Support
  • Experience in either Medical, Surgical, OR, ED, Gynacology, Pediatrics.