Fixed Wing Unmanned Aircraft (UAV) Pilot (Drone) KSA, Saudi Arabia

Vacancies 50
Apply Until: Aug 01, 2020

Principal / Project

An Upcoming KSA Company Specializing in Advanced Defense Techniques


Male or Female, 25 Years Old and Above, Minimum of 2 Years Experience, Filipino,, At Least Prof’l License(Passed Board/Bar/Prof’l License Exam)


  • Bachelor / Diploma Degree in Aviation Engineering
  • Minimum 2 years experience in the same capacity

Task Description:

  • Fixed Wing Unmanned Aircraft Pilot either operates the aircraft remotely via datalink from a ground station, or generates and monitors a fully autonomous flight loaded to the autopilot of the system.
  • Has full authority and responsibility during the flight in terms of flight safety,
  • Generates a flight according to Operator Manual in accordance with the mission order.
  • Evaluates the weather conditions, permissions and related regulations for a safe flight operation
  • Conducts the safe flight operation and uses the proper checklist for the flight
  • Continuously monitors the system status and takes necessary actions according to the operator manual
  • Participates the briefings and inform the crew about necessary information
  • Consults and leads in developing checklists and procedures with the other necessary participants related to flight operations
  • Notifies the management in the event of any change during the activities.
  • Performs related communications defined in the operator manual checklist
  • Fills the flight log and record discrepancies during flight
  • Informs the technical support team in the event of any failure
  • Gives necessary information to mission commander and assists the mission commander for proper decisions in terms of flight safety
  • Gives recommendations to enhance the system performance
  • Deliver UAV Pilot Training to trainees and conduct their evaluations (Instructor-rated Pilots only)
  • Acts as the commander over the Crew when there is no Mission Commander.
  • Receives the flight / mission area and mission time from the customer and plans the preflight, takeoff, flight, and landing timetable
  • Receives the relevant weather reports and generates a safe flight plan accordingly.
  • Receives the dangerous zones, forbidden areas and NOTAMs from the relevant authorities for avoidance.
  • Calculates the fuel necessary with safe reserve.
  • Performs and leads the flight briefing with the rest of the crew,
  • Does the last inspections with the technicians and performs preflight checks before the flight,
  • Loads mission and emergency plans before takeoff,
  • Directs the UAV safely during the whole flight,
  • Continuously follows the ongoing fldight, checks the program modes and autopilot working properly, takes controls or performs relevant regular or emergency procedures on time when necessary,
  • Responsible to know and use properly all the GCS equipment, hardware and software.
  • Maintains full coordination with the rest of the crew.
  • Follows the proper logging and reporting of the incidents, irregularities, malfunctions, and other necessary information to be archived for future needs.

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