Coffee Bean Roasters Dammam, Saudi Arabia

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Apply Until: Jul 09, 2020

Principal / Project

Specialty Coffee Shop


Male, 35 Years Old and Above, Minimum of 5 Years Experience, Filipino, At Least College Level (Undergraduate)

Job description: Coffee Roaster ( Speciality coffee )
The JD of a Coffee Roaster in a Speciality Coffee is mentioned below, but its not limited to so,
• Controls gas/electric fired roasters to remove moisture from coffee beans, Weighs batch of coffee beans in scale-hopper, and opens chute to allow beans to flow into roasting oven.
• Observes the roasting standards and thermometer and adjusts controls to maintain required temperature for the same test & quality.
• Compares color of roasting beans in oven with standard to estimate roasting time.
• Opens discharge gate to dump roasted beans into the cooling tray.
• Starts machine that blows air through the beans to cool them.
• Records amounts, types, and blends of coffee beans roasted.
• Routinely maintain and clean all coffee roasting equipment, and track all inventory by weighing and portioning accurately.
• Collaborate with the team and brainstorm names and summaries for new coffee blends or single origin coffees.
• Ensure that all products are in line with the good manufacturing practice guidelines, Organic Certifications and safety standards.
• Closely monitor the creation of each coffee roast by adjusting roaster settings as required.
• Set up coffee events with the team and testers for sensory evaluations regarding all offerings.

Job Specifications required as Below;
– The candidate must have 4-5 years of experience working in a Speciality Coffee shop as a Coffee roaster.
– The candidate must have an age slot in between 25 years till 32 years.
– Having good handling of different type of roasting.
– The candidate must have good communication in English Language.
– Must have a Can-Do attitude to experience more in the same industry.


POEA License No: POEA-088-LB-052915-R


Hernandez Building, 1646 Evangelista Street, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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